Opportunities for Employment With the US Embassy


Opportunities for Employment With the US Embassy: Are you seeking a meaningful career that allows you to contribute to the global diplomatic mission of the United States. As a world leader in international relations and cooperation, the US government provides opportunities to utilize your skills and education to further its vision of partnership between nations. Consider bringing your experience to the US Embassy, which is actively recruiting talent in a range of fields from management to information technology and beyond. With over 270 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions worldwide, they offer the chance to represent your country abroad while advancing your career goals.

Opportunities for Employment With the US Embassy

About the US Embassy Recruitment

For those interested in a career with the US Department of State, the embassy recruitment process provides various opportunities. The US embassies and consulates around the globe hire locally employed staff and American employees to fill essential roles at over 270 locations worldwide.

Locally Employed Staff (LES) are citizens of the host country who provide vital support to embassy and consulate operations. LES roles include office management specialists, translators, security guards and more. To apply for LES positions, you will need to meet the minimum qualifications as listed for the specific role. These typically include fluency in English and the local language, and relevant work experience or education.

As an American employee, you can explore roles as a Foreign Service Officer, Civil Service employee, or Personal Services Contractor.

Available Positions at the US Embassy

The US Embassy offers many career opportunities for qualified individuals. The embassy employs American citizens, US nationals and foreign nationals for a variety of positions.

Foreign Service Officers

Foreign Service Officers represent the US abroad and carry out the foreign policy of the US government at more than 270 embassies and consulates worldwide. Officers may serve in political, economic, public diplomacy, or management roles. Applicants must be US citizens between 21 and 59 years of age, have at least a bachelor’s degree, and pass the Foreign Service Officer Test.

Locally Employed Staff

The majority of embassy staff overseas are locally employed, meaning they are citizens of the host country. Locally employed staff provide continuity and expertise regarding the local political and cultural context. Positions include office management specialists, public diplomacy assistants, security guards, and skilled trade workers. Applicants must meet position requirements and undergo a background check.

Civil Service Employees

Civil Service employees are US citizens employed under the authority of the US Civil Service Commission. They provide administrative, technical, and professional support at US embassies and consulates. Positions include management analysts, human resource specialists, secretaries, computer specialists, and security engineers. Applicants must be US citizens, meet educational and experience requirements, and pass an exam.

Personal Service Contractors

Personal Service Contractors provide specialized technical and professional services not readily available from Civil Service or Foreign Service employees. Contracts are typically one year in length but may be extended. Positions include translators, website designers, nurses, and public relations specialists. Applicants must possess specialized skills, certifications or degrees and be willing to relocate abroad. Background checks are required.

In summary, the US Embassy offers rewarding careers for US citizens and foreign nationals with opportunities in diplomacy, administration, security, skilled trades, and technical fields. A willingness to serve American interests abroad and an ability to adapt to foreign cultures are essential qualities for most positions. With hard work and dedication, you can build a successful career working for the US Embassy.

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Required Qualifications and Skills

To qualify for employment with the US Embassy, whether in the US or abroad, there are several credentials and competencies that are necessary.


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required for most positions. Degrees in areas such as political science, international relations, business, finance, and foreign languages are preferred and considered advantageous. Proficiency in languages other than English, especially the official language(s) of the host country, is also desired.

Relevant Experience

Previous work experience, internships, fellowships, or volunteer roles that provide exposure to international affairs, cultural exchange, public diplomacy, or consular services are extremely useful. Experience living or studying abroad and adaptability to foreign cultures is viewed positively. For specialized positions, professional experience in fields such as communications, public relations, management, finance, security, or information technology may be required.

Key Skills

Strong communication, both written and verbal, and interpersonal skills are essential for connecting with local staff and foreign publics. Critical thinking, sound judgment, and the ability to analyze complex political and social issues are also important. Technological literacy, problem-solving skills, and resourcefulness in challenging environments enable effectiveness in many embassy roles. Knowledge of US foreign policy objectives and an understanding of the host country’s values, traditions, and priorities are crucial. The aptitude to adapt to uncertain conditions and changing priorities quickly is vital.

Security Clearance

US citizenship and the ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance at the appropriate level for the specific position are mandatory for all embassy jobs. Clearances involve a background check and screening to confirm an individual’s trustworthiness, reliability, and loyalty to the US.

Meeting these qualifications and developing the necessary skills will prepare you to pursue the rewarding opportunity of serving as an embassy employee and advancing US interests on the global stage. The application process is competitive, but for those committed to international service, the rewards of this career path are well worth the effort.

How to Apply for Jobs at the US Embassy

To apply for employment opportunities with the US Embassy, follow these steps:

  • The US Embassy recruits candidates through USAJOBS, the official job site of the US federal government. Create a USAJOBS profile and build your resume to showcase your relevant education, skills, and experience that match the position requirements.
  • Monitor USAJOBS regularly for openings at US embassies and consulates that match your qualifications. Positions range from administrative roles to foreign service officers. When a suitable opportunity arises, carefully review the full job listing and assess if you meet the minimum qualifications and specialized experience.
  • Submit a thorough, compelling cover letter highlighting your relevant background and your motivation for the specific position. Your cover letter, along with your resume, are key parts of your application and help demonstrate your aptitude and enthusiasm for the role.
  • If selected for an interview, prepare by researching the specific embassy or consulate, mission goals, and key initiatives. Be ready to provide specific examples of relevant experiences, especially instances of adaptability, cultural sensitivity, communication and leadership.
  • Undergo a background check and medical exam. Final candidates must obtain a security clearance and pass a medical exam before receiving a final job offer for an embassy position.
  • Training at the Foreign Service Institute may be required for some roles like foreign service officers. New employees attend orientation and training to properly prepare for their position at the embassy.

Serving at a US embassy can be a rewarding career. With the right skills, motivation and perseverance in the application process, you may find an opportunity that allows you to represent US interests abroad. Monitor USAJOBS routinely and be prepared to submit a strong, customized application for the positions that match your unique experience and interests.

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